Miguel posts sexy photo with Minions, proves everyone is obsessed

'Minions' Trailer Is the Most-Shared Summer Movie Promo
'Minions' Trailer Is the Most-Shared Summer Movie Promo

There's no doubt, Miguel knows how to say "bee-do."

The 29-year-old R&B artist took to Instagram to post this super sexual photo of his sweaty bod with photoshopped Minions atop his rip-jeaned thighs. He captioned the photo "because who doesn't like minions." Apparently, everybody does ... including Miguel.

Last weekend's box office was proof enough that the whole world is head-over-heels for Minions -- hauling in a whopping $115.7M, in US and Canada theaters alone.

"Minions" is a prequel to "Despicable Me" and centers around Stuart, Kevin, and Bob -- 3 minions recruited to work for a notorious villainess, Scarlett Overkill, played by Sandra Bullock.

Click through for photos of Sandra Bullock looking Minion-chic on the yellow carpet:

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