This mashup of Peggy Olson and Drake will give you life

Top 10 Women of 'Mad Men'
Top 10 Women of 'Mad Men'

As is obviously made clear by the video above, the women of "Mad Men" have blossomed into feminist royalty before our very eyes.

At the forefront of this girl-power movement is Peggy Olson, played by Elisabeth Moss. Olson rises "from the bottom" as a meek, mild mannered secretary and "now she's here." She ends the show as a high powered creative director.

Check out how this Youtuber, Alex Pompliano, ever so gracefully mashed up rapper Drake's hit "Started From The Bottom" with Peggy Olson in all her glory.

So now we must know...who's your favorite leading lady?

Love "Mad Men?" See the cast, then and now:

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