This fitness star helps us achieve perfect balance

Tanya Poppett is the Australian fitness instructor whipping us into shape one Insta-vid at a time. The workout icon is based on the South Coast of New South Wales, where she delivers HIIT-style bootcamps and training.

Poppett isn't your average fitness instructor. The trainer, known for her brand "Achieving Balance," relies on her own body weight or easy-to-access props for her workouts. Her workouts are insanely tough but great for those who prefer something a bit more original than free weights.

Poppett may bring on the tough love in her workout plans, but this fitness fiend is all about body-positivity and acceptance. She wrote on her website:

"I have the firm belief that fit and healthy is an outfit that looks different on everyone and that staying active does not necessarily mean 'hitting the gym'. As a fitness leader, I aim to break down this perceived notion of fitness by developing innovative ways to get fit and stay active."

Poppett isn't trying to conform people to become gym bums. Instead, she aims to share her passion for active living with those who need a little inspiration. She has certainly succeeded in this aim given her 227,000 Instagram followers. The fitness star simply wants to help other achieve the right balance in their lives.

Life is a balancing act, afterall!

Watch this video for other ways to get ripped without the gym:

How To Get Ripped Without a Gym
How To Get Ripped Without a Gym

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