The worst atrocity you've never heard of

Warning: This video contains graphic imagery.​

The Worst Atrocity You've Never Heard Of

The worst ethnic cleansing you've never heard of is currently unfolding in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. This atrocity hasn't gotten widespread global coverage, until now -- New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof and video journalist Adam Ellick illegally crossed the Sudanese border across rebel lines to tell the important and shocking story of the Nuba Mountain region.

In this region of Sudan, there are no cell phones, no taxis, and nearly no roads. The only trace of modernity is the constant bombing overhead wiping out the Nuba population. For 4 years, the Sudanese government has been killing its own people on a daily basis. In addition to the bombing, they keep out food, medicine, and aid groups in their efforts to destroy the Nuban rebel population in the mountain region.

Behind the ongoing violence in the Nuba Mountains is the same man responsible for the atrocities in the Darfur region -- Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. He is the only sitting president in the world indicted on charges of genocide.

Kristof tells the powerful story of one Nuban man and his children affected by the violence. Hiding out from the savagery of war, their foxhole was bombed. The father recalls:

One of his children immediately died in the fire, while the four other children were taken by truck -- the first car ride of their lives -- to the nearest hospital, a staggering 4 hours away.

At that hospital is Dr. Tom Catena from the United States, the only doctor stationed in the Nuba region to care for nearly half a million people. Despite his efforts to save the children, due to a lack of resources and no running water in the hospital, 3 of the 4 other children died.

This is only one story highlighting the horrors occurring in the Sudanese hospital. Paid just $350 per month, Dr. Tom works and lives in the hospital, and has been bombed 11 times. In addition to inadequate resources, many of the nurses on his staff never even finished 6th grade.

Last year, the hospital overflowed with 1400 measles cases, meaning one of Africa's largest measles outbreaks was in the hands of just one man. It is estimated that only 5-10% of Nuban children are vaccinated, due to the barriers to healthcare access put in place by the Sudanese government.

Kristof argues that silence makes us complicit in the violence and humanitarian crimes occurring in Sudan. In order to end this mass atrocity, Kristof urges that world powers must publicly shame President Omar al-Bashir, and the UN must aggressively work to bring humanitarian aid to the region.

See the original New York Times story here, as well as information on how you can help Dr. Tom Catena in his efforts in Sudan.

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