The various non-relationships millennials have deemed legitimate

Millennial Dating, Relationships And The Time Crunch
Millennial Dating, Relationships And The Time Crunch

Millennials today are super cool in that they refuse to put labels on anything. They're so open-minded and non-traditional. It's pretty awesome.

It's also pretty confusing. Seeing as how millennials have completely stigmatized labels, especially in the dating world, we've found ourselves accepting so many bizarre forms of non-relationships as legitimate. It's practically impossible to find ourselves in a conventional boyfriend-girlfriend situation. Instead, we find ourselves sporting these very confusing non-labels.

1. The good old fashioned booty call. You can't call this guy you're boyfriend since you've never actually seen him in the daylight. However, he sometimes order late-night Dominos for you guys to drunk eat together. That's basically dating, right?

2. The exclusive hookup. Um, what? That term alone is completely contradictory. You're keeping it casual by calling it a "hookup" rather than a relationship. However, you can't hook up with other people, meaning you're loyal to one another. How is that not a relationship again?

3. The perfect digital love. You met through an online dating app and are super into each other. You text every day, sometimes at the expense of your social life. You just get each other and you can feel the chemistry through cyberspace. The problem? You refuse to actually meet each other. That's cool, have fun cuddling your phone.

4. The friends with benefits. You guys have been BFFs pretty much forever. You got drunk together one night and kissed a little. You liked it, so now you kiss a lot. However, you want to keep the friendship strong. You can't start dating because if you break up, you'll lose the friendship. It makes much more sense to remain just friends who think of each other as more than friends. Nothing can possibly go wrong in that situation.

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