Teen blames alcohol for her attacking girls in a viral video

After a video of a 16-year-old girl attacking two teenagers went viral, the teen, who can't be named for legal reasons, reportedly received thousands of death threats. She admitted to both robbery and assault at the Birmingham Youth Court on Wednesday.

However, the teen doesn't actually remember the incident. She told police that before the attack at about 10PM on Saturday night, she drank a whole bottle of vodka. She only admitted to the assault after watching the video that has been circulating on Facebook with over six million views.

When her identity was revealed online, the teen was reportedly kept in custody by police "for her own welfare." Her lawyer Amy Nuttall told the court that the girl's phone number had been leaked on the Internet. In addition, cars have been parked outside her mother's address since early Wednesday morning. Nuttall said:

"She was receiving thousands of death threats after her mobile phone was provided on the Internet. The phone has been got rid of."

After seeing the video, the teen reportedly said that she was disgusted with herself.

Prosecutor Sandra Murgatroyd said that the teen came across two girls around 10PM Saturday night. She accused the two girls "of giving her a dirty look". Murgatroyd said:

"She forced the first girl to get on her hands and knees to apologize."

The teen reportedly then hit the girl in the face with her handbag. The teen then turned to the second victim. Murgatroyd said:

"When she refused to get on her hands and knees, she was thrown to the floor, held down and forced to apologize."

The teen then went through the victim's handbag and stole her iPhone.

District judge Shamim Qureshi asked the prosecution about a possible motive for the attack. One witness who filmed the incident reportedly told police that the teen was coerced into it by a young man. The prosecutor replied that nobody else had been arrested.

The teen will be sentenced next month. The judge reportedly explained to her that she will likely be handed a detention and training order of up to eight months. In addition, any compensation and costs will have to be paid by the girl's parents given her young age.

Police have reportedly urged those who shared the video to remove it. A statement from the force read:

"Now that a suspect has been charged, and out of respect for the alleged victims, we would ask anyone who has published or shared the video to remove it from their social media accounts."

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