Mom blasted after photo of twins holding sarcastic signs goes viral

Mom Called 'Ungrateful' For Photo Of Twins Holding Sarcastic Signs

A mother in Australia is getting a lot of bad attention for a photo she posted online that she says was all in good fun.

26-year-old Annie Nolan took this picture of her twins and posted it to several social media accounts. Nolan says she faces a litany of questions every time she leaves the house and, as a solution, she wrote up the snarky signs answering all the common questions strangers ask about her non-identical twin daughters, Delphine and Cheska.

The signs included response to common questions Nolan receives as a mom:

  • Yes, They Are Mine
  • Yes, They Are Twins
  • Yes, Both Girls
  • No, Not Identical
  • Yes, I Know They Look Alike Though
  • Yes, I'm Sure They Aren't Identical

Nolan, who also has a son, says she came up with the idea while spending time with other women who have twins and were being asked these same questions over and over. She insists the picture was all in good fun and she didn't leave the house with the signs.

The photo has racked up more than 24,000 likes, 8,000 shares and it's been viewed more than two million times. Not all of that attention has been positive.

Online comments are saying she is an ungrateful and neglectful mother.

Catherine Sims commented on the photo, "Those signs are just plain rude in my opinion. My son has down syndrome and I always had the same questions and the same comments over and over. Some were really outrageous but they were coming from people being well intentioned. Being civil costs nothing really. Being rude helps no one. If you don't want to field questions say politely you are in a hurry and leave. We get it you have twins and you stand out. No need to draw more attention to yourself by being totally rude and self absorbed."

Beck Keays said, "Wow - of all the things that people complain about it surely shouldn't be people taking an interest in their beautiful babies in a positive way. No one should be asking those super personal questions but there is no need to put swear words on a child's pram."

But she's also gotten a lot of support from parents.

Facebook user Nora Falconer commented on Facebook, "My twins were ivf, id need another page for the questions (some way to personal) that i get asked. And i soo fo not want to stand around for ages hearing about another stranger who has twin sisters, cousins or aunties."

Gary Dumaresq said, "Oh my god the dramas you are dealing with on a day to day basis. Please insert your own sarcasm wherever you like."

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