Improve your marriage with 3 simple strategies

Jenna Elfman's Secrets to Her Enduring Marriage

by Lisa Lozano

Denise and Kenny are exhausted by their hectic work and home schedules while raising three kids, and don't always communicate as well as they could. Sound familiar? Relationship expert Dr. James Cordova gave the pair a marriage checkup, offering them three crucial tips to improve their life together.

Stay at home mom Denise describes their life as "two ships passing in the night," with Kenny working 10-12 hour days and often getting home at 9 or 10 in the evening. "We could go back and forth and back and forth on the most minute issues," Denise reveals, adding, "We go to bed sometimes with issues unresolved."

Dr. Cordova is offering the pair, who describe themselves as happy in their relationship despite their challenges, three key coping mechanisms to help improve their marriage.

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Tip 1: Call for a Cool Down

When arguing, take a step back and call for a cool down. Dr. Cordova reveals that people often need 45 minutes to an hour to calm down after a heated discussion or argument.

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Tip 2: Resolve Issues

After cooling down, be sure to come back to the original issue at hand and try to find a resolution while both parties are calm, cool and collected.

Tip 3: Compromise

Work together as a team to find compromises that make both partners feel appreciated. For example, both Kenny and Denise would like to have a break when Kenny gets home at night. Dr. Cordova suggests trading off nights so that both get the rest they need.

What advice would you give to a couple to keep their relationship on track? Tell us in the comments and watch below to hear Dr. Cordova's full advice for Denise and Kenny.

(Stock photo above courtesy of iStock does not represent the actual couple in the piece.)

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Improve your marriage with 3 simple strategies

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