Here's what you should expect from your relationship

How Rom-Coms Are Ruining Your (Love) Life

We all want to date that perfect guy who wins the girl at the end of every rom-com. Unfortunately, he doesn't exist. We need to stop putting such unrealistic expectations on our guys. It can be such a struggle to know when you're asking for too much or when you deserve more from the guy you're dating. We don't want to come off as passive when we really do have wants and needs. No girl wants to be walked all over. However, we also understand that sometimes guys really are clueless. If they don't do exactly what we want, it's not necessarily because they don't care about or respect us.

Of course, every relationship and every person is completely different. We're not trying to generalize too broadly here. However, it has to be said that in many relationships, a guy doesn't do what we expect him to simply because he really doesn't know what we want. That's not an excuse to act in a way that we don't deserve or to shortchange us. It's just a reminder that our men can't read our minds. Plus, the dream guy doesn't exist. No man will give us every little thing we want and expect. Just like we're not perfect ourselves, we can't expect our guys to be either.

Some dating expectations make perfect sense, while others are a bit of a stretch. Here are some realistic vs. unrealistic dating expectations.

Unrealistic: He will get rid of all spiders, mice, or anything else you deem gross or scary.

Realistic: He will jump up on the couch with you while the mouse runs around your apartment floor. He'll also call the terminator and hold your hand for moral support.

Unrealistic: He will pay for everything.

Realistic: He will almost alway split the bill with you but offer to pay for the whole event on special occasions. Come on, now. We're self-sufficient women!

Unrealistic: He will remember everything you ever tell him. This includes the gossip about your BFF's boyfriend that your frenemy told you while you were at the nail salon last week.

Realistic: He will remember your birthday, your favorite foods, and anything you tell him about your values, ambitions and fears.

Unrealistic: He will always make sweet gestures such as bringing you flowers or chocolates.

Realistic: He will bring flowers on Valentine's Day. He'll also be willing to go to the chocolate store with you after a dinner date to pick out some yummy treats.

Unrealistic: He always knows what you're thinking. He can literally read your mind.

Realistic: He will listen when you tell him what you're thinking or feeling and he'll care.

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