50 flat sandals and the nail polish to match

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Here's the fun part about sandal-and-pedicure season: When it comes to choosing a nail color, there are no rules. Want to clash a bright purple with an equally bright yellow shoe? Go for it — it's fun and appropriately summery. Rather stick to a clean neutral? Try a crisp white on your toes but pair with something more offbeat like Brother Vellie's ponyhair-and-recycled-tire style. Or are you a summer goth who can't imagine wearing a stitch of color? Then you'll want to wear Saint Laurent's studded gladiator with a matching gunmetal-gray polish. In honor of letting your feet live summer to its fullest, we've rounded up 50 our favorite flat sandals and paired them with the perfect (or perfectly imperfect) polish.

50 flat sandals and the nail polish to match
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50 flat sandals and the nail polish to match

Play up the fun summer trend of lace-up suede sandal with a smooth, deep mauve on your toes.

Erlina: $200 at Schutz

by Terry Moving Mauve: $30 at Barneys

(Photo Credit: Schutz + Barneys via NY MAG)

A sleek gold flatform calls for an equally cool polish like this dark-maroon shade.

Metallic Flatform Sandals: $30 at Forever21

Whim Catwalk: $10 at Ulta

(Photo Credit: Forever21 + Ulta via NY MAG)

Don’t do a boring neutral with a bright-yellow sandal — a magenta polish contrasts nicely with the shoe and feels appropriately summery.

Glossy Flat Sandals: $26 at Zara

Gucci Bougainville: $29 at Gucci

Photo Credit: (Zara + Gucci via NY MAG)

A pretty berry polish that nearly matches the deep purple of the slides is one way to dabble in tone-on-tone dressing.

Cadiz Sandal: $195 at TradeMark

OPI Just Lanai-ing Around: $10 at OPI

Photo Credit: (TradeMark + OPI via NY MAG)

You'd think that pale pink and pistachio would be too girly, but this combination feels fresh thanks to the slide's minimalist design.

Alberta Leather Sandals: $177 at Alvaro

Essie Chillato: $9 at Essie 

(Photo Credit: Alvaro + Essie via NY MAG

Metallic lovers take note: A golden espadrille combined with a punchy coral is like a gilded spotlight for your feet.

Metallic Slingback Sandal: $75 at Soludos

Tom Ford Indiscretion: $32 at Tom Ford 

(Photo Credit: Soludos + Tom Ford via NY MAG)

Yes, those shoes you wore to summer camp are cool again and they deserve a polish that’s just as weird: like this scarab beetle–inspired shade, which looks like different colors depending on the light.

Camping Style Flat Sandals: $45 at ASOS

Christian Louboutin Scarabee: $50 at Christian Louboutin 

(Photo Credit: ASOS + Christian Louboutin via NY MAG

The soft shimmer of this silver polish picks up on white threads running through the damask lace-up sandals.

Women's Damask Sandals: $24 at Old Navy

Cote No. 103: $16 at Cote 

(Photo Credit: Old Navy + Cote  via NY MAG)

Two metallics are always better than one: Match a steel-gray shade with the gold on these slides.

Shiny Strap Flat Slides: $26 at Zara

Maybelline Impeccable Greys: $4 at Rite Aid 

(Photo Credit: Zara + Rite Aid via NY MAG

Echo the beach vibe of these espadrille sandals with a bright-aqua polish that looks like the prettiest ocean you’ve ever seen.

Genivee Sandals: $120 at Dolce Vita

Essie in the Cab-Ana: $9 at Essie 

(Photo Credit: Dolce Vita + Essie via NY MAG)

With sandals as flashy as these, you’ll need something that will pick up sparkle the way flecks of silver in this cosmic-blue polish do.

Miu Miu Sandals: $658 at Yoox

Tom Ford Indigo Night: $32 at Tom Ford 

(Photo Credit: Yoox + Tom Ford via NY MAG

Throw a total curveball and pair a muted lavender with a shoe that’s draped in five different colors. The gray tones in the polish sync with the sliver in the strappy sandals.

Leather Sennen Sandals: $88 at Paul Smith

Morgan Taylor I Wish You Were Here: $9 at Loxa Beauty 

(Photo Credit: Paul Smith + Loxa Beauty via NY MAG)

Zoya’s deep-teal polish enhances the texture of these snake-embossed calfskin slides. Add a floaty white dress for a casual but cool evening look.

Roma Sandal: $350 at Newbark

Zoya Talia: $9 at Zoya

(Photo Credit: Newbark + Zoya via NY MAG)

Going to a fancy but relaxed event? Try these lush sandals and pair with a polish like this silver shade, which has a cool shine.

Loop Knot Ankle Tie Sandal: $310 at Zimmermann

Marc Jacobs Enamored: $18 at Marc Jacobs 

(Photo Credit: Zimmermann + Marc Jacobs via NY MAG)

A frosty peach flatters any skin tone, especially when worn with a clean, white flat.

Hinshaw Flat Sandal: $50 at ALDO

Chanel Le Vernis: $27 at Chanel 

(Photo Credit: ALDO + Chanel via NY MAG

These handcrafted sandals were made from tires and feature luxe ponyhair detailing, so let them be the focal point by choosing a soft neutral.

Zebra Tyre Sandal: $285 at Brother Vellies 

Clinique Concrete Jungle: $13 at Clinique

(Photo Credit: Brother Vellies + Clinique via NY MAG)

Instead of going for beige polish with nude sandals. be more unexpected — like this icy mint shade.

The Shawn Buckle Sandal: $90 at Madewell

Mischo Beauty Jackie: $18 at Mischo Beauty

(Photo Credit: Madewell + Mischo Beauty via NY MAG)

Metallic green is surprisingly versatile — you could do another metallic or a neutral, but if you want high contrast try this blue shade.

Wilma Green Metallic: $264 at Acne Studios

M.A.C Midnight Ocean: $12 at M.A.C 

(Photo Credit: Acne Studios + M.A.C via NY MAG)

What’s more summertime-friendly than watermelon pink? It looks especially great with a rich-brown slide.

Amavia Sandal: $80 at Cole Haan

Deborah Lippmann Girls Just Want To Have Fun: $18 at Deborah Lippmann 

(Photo Credit: Cole Haan + Deborah Lippmann via NY MAG)

A vibrant-pink polish gives these minimal platform sandals interest and shine.

Gillian Leather Wedge: $150 at Michael Kors

Estée Lauder Empowered: $21 at Estée Lauder 

(Photo Credit: Michael Kors + Estée Lauder via NY MAG)

There’s already a lot of detail in the form of the sandal's stone embellishment, so go for an opaque nude polish that doesn’t compete.

Stella McCartney Gem Embroidered Sandals: $390 at Farfetch Butter London High Tea: $15 at Butter London 

(Photo Credit: Farfetch + Butter London via NY MAG)

Match the soles of these slides to your polish.

Fleming Flat Sandal: $460 at Chloé

Julep Lori With a Classic Twist: $14 at Julep 

(Photo Credit: Chloé + Julep via NY MAG)

The latest trend in polishes are these washes of translucent color, which have the same dreamy '70s vibe of these patchwork sandals.

Gianvito Rossi Tricolor Suede City Sandal: $945 at Neiman Marcus

Yves Saint Laurent Rose Splash: $27 at Nordstrom 

(Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus + Nordstrom via NY MAG)

You might not get to 50 shades, but match a stone-cold slate to the chain detail in these Givenchy flats for at least two shades of gray.

Givenchy ChainTrim Sandals: $1,150 at Farfetch

Deborah Lippmann Desert Moon: $18 at Deborah Lippmann 

(Photo Credit: Farfetch + Deborah Lippmann via NY MAG)

The best combinations pick up on the minor details, like the gold buckle on these sandals matching the gold of your toes.

Marni Two-Strap Kiltie Fussbett Sandal: $765 at La Garçonne

Guerlain Coque D'or: $25 at Guerlain

(Photo Credit: La Garçonne + Guerlain via NY MAG

For sandals that could almost double as mirrors, try a milky lavender on toes to balance out the shoe’s twinkle.

Double-Band Slingback Sandals: $285 at Barneys

Dolce and Gabbana Lilac Rose: $25.50 at Sephora 

(Photo Credit: Barneys + Sephora via NY MAG)

Pairing a clean white polish with these neutral sandals equips you with a clean palette that will work with any outfit.

Church's Maria Suede Sandals: $306 at My Theresa

Dolce and Gabbana Innocence: $25.50 at Sephora 

(Photo Credit: My Theresa + Sephora via NY MAG)

Joie’s fringed sandals are even more fun with this bright coral-red polish.

Ferris Sandals: $270 at Joie

Burberry Bright Coral Red: $22 at Burberry 

(Photo Credit: Joie + Burberry via NY MAG

These zigzag flatforms favor a flair for the dramatic, which makes Armani’s brooding blue an easy match.

Zig Zag Flatform: $775 at Sergio Rossi

Giorgio Armani Nail Lacquer 701: $20 at Giorgio Armani 

(Photo Credit: Sergio Rossi + Giorgio Armani via NY MAG)

Pair these pony-hair sandals with a light-pink shade to continue the soft, relaxed tone.

Thais: $182 at Ancient Greek Sandals

OPI Suzi Shops & Island Hops: $10 at OPI 

(Photo Credit: Ancient Greek Sandals + OPI via NY MAG)

Golden gladiators deserve toes that are equally decadent, which makes Smith and Cult’s rich bordeaux your best option.

Giuseppe Zanotti Design Sandals: $735 at The Corner

Smith and Cult Dark Like Me: $18 at Smith and Cult 

(Photo Credit: The Corner + Smith and Cult via NY MAG

Artichoke-green polish sounds weird, but when you wear it with a flashy bronze sandal, it winds up complementing well.

Sol Sana Evie Sandal: $80 at Athleta

Smith and Cult Bitter Buddhist: $18 at Smith and Cult 

(Photo Credit: Athleta + Smith and Cult via NY MAG)

Combine RGB’s galactic blue with Kenzo’s meshy neoprene for a total surfer feel, even if the beach is nowhere in sight.

KENZO Perforated PVC & Leather Sandals: $640 at Luis Aviaroma

RGB Dusk: $18 at RGB 

(Photo Credit: Luis Aviaroma + RGB via NY MAG)

The glittery grit in this Rescue Beauty Lounge shade adds to the edginess of these studded Saint Laurent sandals, which are absolutely worth the gnarly tan lines.

Saint Laurent Studded Nu Pieds Sandals: $1,095 at Barneys

Rescue Beauty Lounge An Accidental Interloper: $20 at Rescue Beauty Lounge 

(Photo Credit: Barneys + Rescue Beauty Lounge via NY MAG)

Cheetah and oxblood make for a moody and cool pairing.

Skye Gladiator Sandal: $250 at Loeffler Randall

Tenoverten 003 Church: $18 at Tenoverten 

(Photo Credit: Loeffler Randall + Tenoverten via NY MAG)

A clean, candied red is the cherry on top of these comfortable leather flats from Joseph.

Leather Sandal: $387 at Joseph

Nails Inc. St. James Nail Polish: $14 at Nails Inc. 

(Photo Credit: Joseph + Nails Inc. via NY MAG)

Add kitsch with kitsch, pairing a bubblegum-pink polish with these furry Simone Rocha flats.

Simone Rocha Feather-Trimmed Leather Sandals: $364 at My Theresa

Givenchy Rose Evocation: $22 at Barneys

(Photo Credit: My Theresa + Barneys via NY MAG)

These classic brown leather sandals are ready to play when paired with neon pink.

The Italian Ankle-Wrap Sandal: $118 At Everlane

Orly Surfer Girl: $10 at Target

(Photo Credit: Everlane + Target via NY MAG)

Let this striped pair from L'Autre Chose do all the talking, while muted nude toes quietly take a backseat.

Green+Green: $158 at L'Autre Chose

Bobbi Brown Nude: $15 at Barneys 

(Photo Credit: L'Autre Chose + Barneys via NY MAG)

Go simple and chic by playing up toes with a periwinkle polish and this demure, pointy-toe option.

Olympic Sandal in Nude: $319 at Need Supply Co.

Revlon Dreamer: $5 at Revlon 

(Photo Credit: Need Supply Co. + Revlon via NY MAG)

Chunky black-and-amber flats meet their chromatic match with this speckled forest-green lacquer.

Fashion Chunky Sandals: $90 at Topshop

Nars Night Porter: $20 at Nars 

(Photo Credit: Topshop + Nars via NY MAG)

These frilly, powder-blue mules make for a perfect contrast against a glossy eggplant shade.

Miista Anamaria Patent Leather Slide Sandal: $160 at Nasty Gal

Covergirl Eternal Oceans: $6 at Covergirl 

(Photo Credit: Nasty Gal + Covergirl via NY MAG)

Why stop at shiny shoes? Combine this & Other Stories gold pair with an iridescent olive green for dazzling date-night feet.

Drawstring Leather Sandals: $70 at & Other Stories

Nars Mash: $20 at Nars 

(Photo Credit: & Other Stories + Nars  via NY MAG)

Being an adult is easy with these grown-up Tod’s heels and an innocuous Tenoverten nude.

Leather Sandals: $473 at Tods

Tenoverten 022 Houston: $18 at Tenoverten 

(Photo Credit: Tods + Tenoverten via NY MAG

Brighten a pair of embellished black flats with a sunshine hue, even when the weather forecast is cloudy.

Petal Black Kidsuede/ White Beads: $675 at Tabitha Simmons

Dior Sunwashed: $27 at Dior 

(Photo Credit: Tabitha Simmons + Dior via NY MAG)

This vibrant, emerald green is paralleled by Via Spiga’s casual buckle flats for a laidback, weekend vibe.

Sedana Sandal: $98 at Via Spiga

Sally Hansen I Rush Luck: $5 at Ulta 

(Photo Credit: Via Spiga + Ulta via NY MAG)

How to make your feet Instagram-ready: Pair a juicy coral like Dior’s Riviera against this braided blue Stuart Weitzman number.

Tasselites: $375 at Stuart Weitzman

Dior Riviera: $27 at Dior 

(Photo Credit: Stuart Weitzman + Dior via NY MAG)

Chanel’s frosty seafoam is the airy yin to Tibi’s sturdy-leather yang platform. A winning combination for below-the-ankle harmony.

Estel Platform Sandals: $475 at Tibi

Chanel Le Vernis: $27 at Chanel 

(Photo Credit: Tibi + Chanel via NY MAG)

Pair These Robin's-Egg-Blue Fringe Sandals With Rainforest-Green Toes: Perfect For Tromping Around Any Urban Jungle.

Raffia Ankle-Tie Straps: $128 at J.Crew

Jin Soon Tila: $18 at Jin Soon 

(Photo Credit: J.Crew + Jin Soon via NY MAG

Complement a cool vanilla flat with a pistachio shade for a delicious pairing.

Pale Micro Intrecciato Calf Sandal: $690 at Bottega Veneta

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet: $3 at Ulta 

(Photo Credit: Bottega Veneta + Ulta via NY MAG)


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