Best Buy sold thousands of $200 gift cards for $15 due to a system glitch

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System glitches happen all the time! Remember last week with United? Or even with the NYSE? You can now add Best Buy to that list.

If you were on the Best Buy website Tuesday night, you could have snagged one killer deal.

According to Time, Best Buy suffered a system glitch which allowed customers to purchase $200 gift cards for as little as $15. The system issue was live for customers who were browsing the website late Tuesday evening and resulted in quite the bargain.

The fine people of Reddit went into a frenzy and started buying up the gift cards left and right. People had mentioned that their credit cards were charged the $15, but it probably won't last for long as Best Buy will most likely cancel those orders.

One person on Reddit was actually an employee at Best Buy and said the following:

"I am an employee of Best Buy, and we are very good at honoring our mistakes, however, mistakes this public with 1000s of people ordering something super discounted by mistake will most likely get canceled. In the mean time, I went ahead and ordered 2, but chances are, we're all getting a refund"

Would a $200 gift card have been nice for only $15? Absolutely! What do you think Best Buy should do? Cancel the orders or honor the customers purchase? Let us know in the poll below!

Check out the slideshow below of Twitter reactions from the Best Buy fiasco.

Tweets from Best Buy system glitch
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Best Buy sold thousands of $200 gift cards for $15 due to a system glitch
Yes! A+ gif usage! 😂 #swindled #BestBuy JeremyLawrencee: Best Buy online team walking into work tomorrow”
Hilarious! #BestBuy was selling $200 giftcards for way less... did you get one?
Someone is getting fired #BestBuy
The one night I get a full night's sleep, I miss out on the #BestBuy GC glitch. Ima need my insomnia to be a little more consistent.
If you missed the #BestBuy craze last night you missed possibly the funniest night in twitter history. yes, history.

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