All the ways you can live like the Kardashians

Elle Editor Takes on Kim Kardashian's Beauty Routine
Elle Editor Takes on Kim Kardashian's Beauty Routine

The perpetual perfection of the Kardashian clan has provided endless fodder for aspirational blog posts about how you, too, can act, look, and live like a Kardashian. Here, we've helpfully gathered them for you in one place. Consider this your Kardashistunt Bible. We don't recommend trying all of these at home, as you're more likely to end up starving, broke, and with swollen plastic-surgery face than as a Kardashian doppelgänger.

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I got lip injections like a Kardashian.
I contoured like a Kardashian.
I got long nails like a Kardashian.
I went platinum blonde like a Kardashian.

I dressed like a Kardashian.
I ate like a Kardashian.
I ate one of those salads the Kardashians are always eating.
I worked out like a Kardashian.
I waist-trained like a Kardashian.

I lived like a Kardashian for a day.
I lived like Kris Jenner for a day.
I took a selfie like a Kardashian.
I partied like a Kardashian.
I cooked like a Kardashian.

Now go forth: Be the Kardashian you are in your heart.

Click through for flawless pictures of the Kardashians at this year's Cannes:

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