2M American inmates will be able to use this tablet in prison

Women Prisoners Offered High-Tech Training
Women Prisoners Offered High-Tech Training

JPay, the private corrections service, announced their latest prison product: a tablet.

The device will be available for purchase to over 2 million incarcerated Americans across 34 states and will replace the 60,000 previous generation tablets that are already in use in a variety of prisons.

Many security concerns were taken in consideration when designing the product. Potential smuggling was solved by making the case of the tablet out of transparent polycarbonate plastic, while hacking was prevented by installing a highly secure boot loader that doesn't allow any tweaking of the operative system.

The inmates will be able to access music, email, video chat and more , though all content is policed and censored at the discretion of the facility.

As JPay CEO Ryan Shapiro commented in an email to TechCrunch, "our mission is to educate and rehabilitate offenders to reduce recidivism. Technology plays a vital role in corrections and we're proud to offer tablets that keep people connected and help inmates become productive members of society once released."

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