Which state is the most disliked in the country?

Which State Is the Most Disliked in The Country?

New Jersey is the most disliked state in the nation.

This is according to a recent poll by the market research firm YouGov. They polled 1,000 people across the whole US – representing every race gender, income, and political affiliation. And we're sorry to report, New Jersey, that the bad news doesn't stop there for you.

New Jersey is the only state that is more disliked than it is liked. 40% of Americans have an unfavorable view of New Jersey, while only 30% have a favorable one. Some are saying that perhaps shows like Jersey Shore and The Sopranos have influenced people's opinions.

Hawaii is the most liked state. Again, the media may be to blame – or in this case, credit – since Hawaii has been marketed as paradise for decades now.

Here's the list of states by favorability:

States ranked by favorability
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Which state is the most disliked in the country?

50. New Jersey: -10% favorable

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49. Alabama: 8% favorable

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Tied-47. Illinois: 9% favorable

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Tied-47. Mississippi: 9% favorable

(Photo by Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

46. Indiana: 12% favorable

(Photo: Joe Sohm, Getty)

Tied-44. Arkansas: 13% favorable

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Tied-44. California: 13% favorable

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Tied-42. Massachusett: 16% favorable

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Tied-42. Michigan: 16% favorable

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Tied-40. Missouri: 17% favorable

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Tied-40. Nevada: 17% favorable

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39. Louisiana: 18% favorable

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Tied-37. Maryland: 22% favorable

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Tied-37. West Virginia: 22% favorable

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Tied-33. Kansas: 25% favorable

(Photo: Melanie Metz, Shutterstock)

Tied-33. Oklahoma: 25%

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Tied-33. Connecticut: 25% favorable

(Photo: Denis Jr. Tangney, Getty)

Tied-30. Nebraska: 26% favorable

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Tied-30. Delaware: 26% favorable

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29. Utah: 27% favorable

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Tied-26. New Mexico: 28% favorable

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Tied-26. Ohio: 28% favorable

(Photo: Bryan Busovicki via Getty)

Tied-26. North Dakota: 28% favorable

(Photo via Alamy)

Tied-22. North Carolina: 29% favorable

(Photo: Murray Cohen, Getty)

Tied-22. Kentucky: 29% favorable

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Tied-22. Rhode Island: 29% favorable

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Tied-22. New Hampshire: 29% favorable

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21. Texas: 31% favorable

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20. Arizona: 32% favorable

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Tied-18. Idaho: 33%

(Photo: Karen Desjardin, Getty)

Tied-15. Minnesota: 34% favorable

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Tied-15. Minnesota: 34% favorable

(Photo: Sarah M. Golonka, Getty)

Tied-15. South Dakota: 34% favorable

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14. Georgia: 35% favorable

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Tied-10. Tennessee: 37% favorable

(Photo via Alamy)

Tied-10. Florida: 37%

(Photo: Ilene MacDonald, Alamy)

Tied-10. Pennsylvania: 37% favorable

(Photo: Henryk Sadura, Getty)

Tied-10. Colorad: 37% favorable

(Photo: Peter Kunasz, Shutterstock)

9. Oreon: 39% favorable

(Photo via Alamy)

8. Vermont: 40% favorable

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7. Virginia: 41% favorable

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Tied-3. Washington: 42% favorable

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Tied-3. Alaska: 42% favorable

(Photo via Getty)

Tied-3. Wyoming: 42% favorable

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2. Montana: 43% favorable

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1. Hawaii: 56% favorable

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1. Hawaii

2. Montana

3. Wyoming

3. Alaska

3. Maine

3. Washington

7. Virginia

8. Vermont

9. Oregon

10. Colorado

10. Pennsylvania

10. Florida

10. Tennessee

14. Georgia

15. South Dakota

15. Iowa

18. Wisconsin

18. Idaho

20. Arizona

21. Texas

22. New Hampshire

22. Rhode Island

22. Kentucky

22. North Carolina

26. North Dakota

26. Ohio

26. New Mexico

29. Utah

30. Delaware

30. Nebraska

30. South Carolina

33. Connecticut

33. Oklahoma

33. Kansas

36. New York

37. West Virginia

37. Maryland

39. Louisiana

40. Nevada

40. Missouri

42. Michigan

42. Massachusetts

44. California

44. Arkansas

46. Indiana

47. Mississippi

47. Illinois

49. Alabama

50. New Jersey

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