These fitness icons are helping us Tone It Up

Get a Total Beach-Babe Workout With the Tone It Up Girls

BFFs Karena and Katrina are changing the face of fitness with their fun and upbeat workout method, Tone It Up. The dynamic duo has built a brand of fitness products and nutrition plans since founding Tone It Up. In addition, they've racked up 490,000 Instagram followers.

Karena, a triathlete and sports model, always had a passion for fitness. For her, fitness is about strength and independence. It's about fueling the mind in addition to the body. On the duo's website, Karena says:

"I wanted to inspire other women to become strong and independent; to help them break out of the troubles in their life."

She also claims that throughout the struggles she faced in life, fitness saved her. Katrina has a similar relationship with fitness. After struggling with her weight for years, she found inspiration from an Exercise Physiology book at the age of 13. She graduated from school with a bachelor's degree in Health Science.

The two women met at a gym in California. They hit it off right away and soon became best friends in addition to business partners. Their website says:

"What's cool, is girls are meeting through Tone It Up all over the globe, becoming best friends like we have. That's something we didn't expect, but are so amazed by! This community is the most incredible group of inspiring women. Whenever we meet a Tone It Up member, it's like seeing a longtime girlfriend."

The two besties are influencing women all over the world to improve their lifestyles in order to become healthy, strong, and confident. We expect to see the beautiful "it girls" building their brand and owning the social media sphere for a long time to come.

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