23 of the most overrated and over-praised foods to ever exist

10 Most Overrated Foods

We live in a society that gets incredibly excited about food trends. So much so, that sub-cultures based around popular food trends emerge regularly. Some eats have become so hyped up by the media and its super fans, we've lost all sight of the fact they're pretty lackluster. In fact, we found this thread on Quora dedicated to calling out all of the overrated and over-praised foods out there. We rounded up 23 of the most popular and uncompromising responses. So without further ado, here are the foods that should really take a break from the limelight:

1) Cupcakes

"People enjoy them and I don't understand how. You take a perfectly good cake and make bite-size portion of it (we are good so far!) and later the person in charge makes it their own artistic canvas and tries making things ranging from flowers, world-maps, landscapes and what not with sugary, artificial colored frosting. Not to mention, those little accessories on them like sprinkles, those sugar silver balls, fake sugar roses. I find them over praised." -Ramya Vemuganti

2) Chicken Breast

"It's by far the driest, least flavorful, and toughest part of a chicken. I understand it's loaded with protein, and if you're in it for that, knock yourself out. but chicken thighs are so more fatty and juicy." -Scott Lee

3) Lobster

"Let me preface by saying that I'm a seafood guy, I eat some kind of seafood basically everyday, but I just can't understand what people like so much about lobster." -Nicolas Smith

4) Chipotle... anything

"Started off ok and has proceeded to grow worse over time. Waiting in line for 10-20 minutes for a burrito of inconsistent quality made by someone who you have repeat your order to at least twice is definitely not impressive. And the final product is rarely worth that wait." -Jon Mixon

5) The Cronut

"It was okay, bordering on pretty good. Admittedly, it is a unique idea and gimmicky in a good way, but I would never spend two hours in line (or spend $100/cronut) waiting to buy one." -Garrick Saito

6) Iceberg Lettuce

"Is it over-praised? Yes. In general, a salad's nutritional content is incorrectly assessed. Comments like 'I'll take a salad with my pizza/burger because it's healthy' simply make me cringe. Also, iceberg lettuce's nutrient density is far below other vegetables, and even other fellow lettuces.' -Jesse Wu

7) Caviar

"My grandmother loves to get the expensive stuff, but it just tastes like salt to me. Plus, it probably doesn't help us with that whole overfishing problem when we eat dozens of potential fish in a spoonful." -Vincenz Buhler

8) "Superfood"

"Just tired of seeing them everywhere! I know flax seed, chia, acai, kale ... are healthy, but I don't think have a bit of them will make a significant difference to our body, a balanced diet is the key!" -Wen Cheng

9) Alcohol

"It's distilled grains and plant materials that forms a clear or colored liquid for which you need an acquired taste or have to mask with colas, juices, sugar, leaves, fruits, pickled vegetables, or other distilled liquids." -Julie Lary

10) Ketchup

"It has a weird taste I find unpleasant, and it adds no flavor to food - on the contrary, I often find that it kills the taste of the dish it's eaten with!" -Anupama Gopalan

11) The Ramen Burger

"I'm sorry, but if I wanted ramen, I'd get ramen, and if I wanted a burger, I'd get a burger." -Abraham Buditama

12) Popcorn

"Whether it's burning holes in your pocket, popping your eye out with a wayward kernel, slicing up your gums, or hiding annoyingly in the depths of your molars, popcorn has a thirst for blood. Your blood, to be exact. It also has nearly no nutritional value, and is only made delicious after it drowns in a torrential downpour of movie-theater butter, caramel, or seasoning. Overrated and overpriced." -Anurag Prabhakar

13) Starbucks Coffee

"I love drinking some good coffee, but this particular brand is extremely over priced. I'd rather settle for a simple cappuccino at Café Coffee Day." -Niharika Banerjee

14) Krispy Kreme Donuts

"I really, really do not get what the fuss is about. They're too light, almost to the point of having a floury texture. And they're usually covered in so much sugar-icing that the end result is a sweet-floury-nothingness." -Ben Reimers

15) Oreos

"I do not get what the hype is all about. I also tried the twist, lick and dunk way of having it.Did not work for me." -Prateek Choudhary

16) Juices

"Some are loaded with added sugar, some have very short shelf lives, some are misleading, some are just not yummy-tasting (people pretend it's "not so bad" to make it through their cleanse)." -Susan Ng

17) Red Velvet

"Red velvet cupcake, cake, pancake...etc etc. If you close your eyes and take a bite it's just your old lazy muffin (with some virulent food colouring). "Moist" and "hint of chocolate" "kiss of vanilla" is probably recognized only by babies and hey - they don't care what kind of velvet they're eating!" -Rena RM

18) Tofu

"As a kid my mother tried to force feed me the stuff, saying it was healthy and as a college student my friends would say that I'm overreacting because it has no discernible flavor. They're all wrong. Soy products are almost exclusively GMO and tofu definitely has a flavor. It's like someone chewed up a piece of chalk and then spit into your mouth. I am open to eating everything (e.g. goat brains, roasted bugs, tripe, odd plants), but I really really hate tofu. That is all." -Andrew J. Lee

19) Aioli

"Essentially garlic flavored mayo, it's good, but 2/3 of the time it just masks crappy cooking. A lot places now have flavored aioli, but in this case why not just properly cook up the bacon, pine nuts, garlic, dill, and truffles separately and deliciously instead of suspending them in mayonnaise?" -Casimir Lorenc

20) Macarons

"I don't get it. I had it from Laduree in Paris, Robuchon's rendition, and the one from Bottega Louie in LA. I just don't get it. It's so flakey and sweet but with no real sense of texture. I'd rather eat ice cream or gelato." -Han Hu

21) Bacon

"Don't get me wrong, I love bacon, but it does not improve every single thing, belong in every meal, or belong in half the trends it seems to be in. Nor should it be made of lean protein." -Jessie Gauntt

22) Low fat / No fat / Sugar-free / Zero-calorie anything

"They usually have a long list of dubious ingredients that are added to mask the change in taste. I realized after a long time, when I finally connected the dots one day, that Aspartame gives me a headache. Just eat smaller portions!" -Ramkumar Balaraman

23) Taco Bell

"My first encounter with Taco Bell was not long before. I had heard a lot about it and its recent openings in India garnered a lot of attention. However, I couldn't get the chance to 'think outside the bun' there. When I came to the U.S, this was among the first things that I tried and I was hugely disappointed! Now that I have tried it, I really can't seem to figure out what all the hype is about!" -Trishla Prasad

Do you agree with these oversaturated foods? Do you have more to add to the list? Comment below!

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