Space tourism is coming, pack your selfie stick

History of Space Tourism
History of Space Tourism

Start packing your space suit and selfie stick.

Traveling to Mars will soon leave the realm of science fiction and become a reality.

Many startup companies such as Virgin Galactic and XCOR Aerospace are bringing us closer to the day when we'll all be able to book a ticket to some destination out of the Earth's atmosphere.

The old days when NASA was the only organization able to sustain the costs to bring humans to space are over, now that a multitude of private companies have the funds to experiment in this field.

The competition is very intense, and while this is healthy as it pushes the various competitors to improve their programs at a fast pace, it has also led to some dramatic incidents.

At the moment you can already spend your weekend vacation in orbit, but the price is prohibiting for most, ranging between $20M to $40M.

Where will your first space vacation be?

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Do you remember the old days? Here are some awesome photographs from the first time we managed to take a trip out there:

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