One couple took 'til death do us part' pretty literally in wedding photo shoot

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Your wedding is a very special time of year, just look at "Beverly Hills, 90210's" Jennie Garth's! It requires intense planning, precise detail, and a keen knowledge of when to pull your fraternity brother from his best man speech before he says too much.

For as exciting as the ceremony is, just as equally exciting is the photo shoot! Couples release their inner Zoolander and get ready for their close-up. That's exactly what one Singapore couple did.

Jenny Tay and Darren Cheng, both funeral directors at Direct Funeral Services Ltd in Singapore, decided to get creative and bring their work life into their photoshoot.

The couple told Mashable that they wanted to feature something that meant something to them, that they could relate to. The bride, Jenny Tay, explained their thinking behind the photographs:

"We meet grieving families daily and witness first hand how a death in the family brings the family closer ... Death seems to make people cherish life even more. This realization moulded our belief in life, that death is indeed a part of life."

However, according to the couple, themed weddings are all the rage in Singapore. The couple mentioned that the latest trend was a "Great Gatsby themed wedding."

The couple found after posting them to "The Straits Times" Facebook page that most of the comments were very positive since the shoot was done in a tasteful manner.

Setting, a bit out there, but the execution doesn't make you think twice. The wedding photos were taken by a Singapore photographer, Joel Lim.

Congrats, Jenny and Darren!

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Couple's 'storm' wedding photo
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One couple took 'til death do us part' pretty literally in wedding photo shoot
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