Mom refuses to damage her BMW in order to rescue her trapped son

A mother sparked outrage in China after apparently choosing her BMW over her child. When her 3-year-old son became trapped inside the luxury car, the mother reportedly refused to smash the car's window over the weekend because she didn't want to damage the car.

While in typical weather conditions it might make more sense for the woman to wait for a locksmith to unlock the door, the heat in Yiwu, Zhejiang province was so intense that the little boy was beginning to deteriorate.

Large crowds gathered around the car as the little boy helplessly cried inside the vehicle. The boy was even clawing at the car window in an attempt to get out as the mother stood next to the car and watched, according to CCTV.

Eventually, a group of firefighters appeared at the scene and urged the woman to let them break the window in order to save the boy. However, the mother simply refused and insisted on waiting for a locksmith.

Thankfully, the firefighters ignored the mother's request and smashed the window as soon as the little boy began to deteriorate. One firefighter told Zhejiang Online:

We're glad the little boy is safe. The mother will probably remember this horrific scene every time she drives around in her beloved BMW from now on.

The mother should've taken a note from Carrie Underwood to save the day:

Carrie Underwood Destroys a Car to Rescue Her Baby Son Locked Inside

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