Forget vacuuming the carpet, try vacuuming your stomach

How to Do the Ab Vacuum

You probably read the headline to this article and assumed you'd either be reading about a way to clean dirt off of your stomach or a terrifying and dangerous procedure that sucks out people's stomach fat. You thought wrong.

Surprisingly, this new fitness trend is all about healthy breathing. People are praising this breathing exercise, swearing that it gives them flatter and stronger abs in a short time. Here's how the fad works.

1. Start by standing or get on your hands and knees in a table pose.

2. Exhale while pulling your belly button inward towards your spine.

3. Hold this position for 60 seconds and squeeze your abs very tightly. Don't forget to take small breaths!

4. Release.

It's that simple! Combine this simple breathing exercise with a healthy diet and results can appear in only a few weeks. The exercise is also said to reduce back pain.

We're not entirely sure we buy that this fitness trend really works. Why would people put so much time, money, and effort into fitness classes and programs if there was such a simple ab-flattening method out there all along? However, people are very enthusiastic about the trend and insist that it works. We'll just have to try it ourselves!

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