McDonald's new lobster value meal will cost you $14

McDonalds to Start Selling Lobster Rolls

McDonald's is selling a lobster roll in several regions, including New England and Canada.

The McLobster costs about $8.99. The meal deal, which includes fries and a fountain drink, costs $13.99, notes Candice Choi at the Associated Press.

The menu item shows that McDonald's is trying to offer more premium options to better compete with fast-casual options like Chick-fil-A, Shake Shack and Chipotle.

Reviews of the McLobster have been largely negative.

"The limp bun holds a bizarrely large amount of lettuce, both shredded and whole-leaf, neither of which is anything more than filler. There's plenty of mayo, liberally mashed in with globs of shredded lobster meat in some awful sort of seafood salad," writes Adam Callagan at Eater.

Callagan also says that the sandwich doesn't taste like lobster.

"It's crowned by a lobster claw, which, when eaten individually, has the faint taste of lobster, but none of the succulence of the best of its kind," he writes. " If you didn't see what you were eating, I don't think you'd guess, and I doubt you'd continue."

Lobster prices have been falling, leading to many restaurants featuring the delicacy on the menu.

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McDonald's new lobster value meal will cost you $14

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