These beautiful, bold women #RockTheCrop better than anyone

Body Shaming Remark in Oprah's Magazine Causes Women to 'Rock The Crop'

In a recent issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, creative director Adam Glassman insisted that only those with flat bellies should attempt to rock the crop top trend.

Not cool, Glassman. Shockingly (but not that shockingly), Glassman's comments left people fuming. Once again plus-size women are being excluded from fashion trends and fat-shamed by the media.

That's why fashion blogger Sarah Conley implemented a bold, beautiful, empowering movement to prove Glassman's comments ignorant and very, very incorrect.

On her website, Style IT, Conley wrote:

She then encouraged her followers to take pictures of themselves wearing crop tops and post them on social media with the powerful hashtag #RockTheCrop.

Thus, #RockTheCrop took the Internet by storm. People of all shapes and sizes posted pictures of themselves looking fierce while showing off their midriffs. Thanks to #RockTheCrop, nobody will question any woman's ability to sport the fashion trend ever again. It takes confidence to rock the crop, not a flat stomach.

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