Now Burger King is testing a Doritos menu item, too

'Doritos Loaded' Chips Filled With Cheese Tested at 7-Eleven

Burger King has caved to the really truly absurd pressure to Dorito-fy its menu. The chain went and got itself a piece of Doritos Loaded, the same "warm Nacho Cheese snack" that 7-Eleven rolled out "exclusively" last year, and the world kind of hoped that would be the end of that.

That hope was misplaced:

For now, this is in limited release at a handful of test stores. But if internet commenters are to be believed, Doritos Loaded is already invading some New York locations and causing quite a bit of confusion. The guy behind the Trader Joe's podcast "Let's Talk TJ's" even found them at a Burger King near Times Square.

Terrifying. As far as Grub's aware, this also marks the first time a convenience-store product has moved, totally unchanged, onto a fast-food menu.

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