Kayla Itsines is changing the fitness game with her amazing workout guides

Kayla Itsines Is Here to Help You Shape Up For Summer

Fitness "it girl" Kayla Itsines is taking the workout world by storm with her unbelievable guides. The Australian 23-year-old has become famous for her body-positive attitude and workout tips that seriously work.

While working as a personal trainer at a center in Adelaide, Australia, Itsines constantly heard clients complain that they weren't seeing results. These clients desperately wanted to tone their arms, inner thighs, and stomachs. Therefore, Itsines took matters into her own hands.

After doing a bit of research, the young fitness fiend developed her own set of exercises that targeted those specific areas. On her website, Itsines wrote:

Itsines soon left the training facility to start her own company. Her clients saw results within 12 weeks thanks to her amazing workout plans. As Itsines became well-known in her community, she realized that she needed to spread her wisdom to more women.

That's why she turned to Instagram and Facebook. Through utilizing these social media outlets by sharing healthy eating and training tips and uploading her client transformations, Itsines soon gathered quite a following. Itsines has cultivated 3.3 million Instagram followers and 2 million Facebook "likes."

Fitness is Itsines' passion. She helps women become the best version of themselves in a healthy, inspiring way. You go, Kayla Itsines!

You can sign up for Itsines' 12-week guides here.

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