A step-by-step guide to snapping the perfect Insta-worthy pic

How to Take Posed Pictures

It's time to stop putting up with ignorant non-photographers taking dark, blurry pictures of us in which we sport a shiny forehead and double chin. The art of capturing the perfect Instagram-worthy pic on an iPhone is quite simple.

There are certain tricks every amateur photographer and every amateur model can master in order to work the Instagram game like a champ. We're so over spending hours editing pictures just because they were taken badly. Here are our Instagram rules to live by.

Tips for the photographer:

1. Take the picture from a high-up angle. Never again will we tolerate the illusion of a double chin in our snaps just because you can't figure out how to hold the camera. Angle it from above and it'll make our eyes look bigger and our noses and "problem areas" look smaller.

2. Tap the screen to adjust the lighting. As you continuously tap the corner of the screen, the lighting will change so that the screen appears brighter or darker. While we prefer medium brightness, if faced with one extreme or the other it's always best to go with bright. It's much easier to edit a bright picture. When trying to edit a dark pic, everything gets grainy and that's so not cute.

3. Get the shoes! This is the most important tip. We didn't buy them for nothing! We wouldn't ask for a picture if we weren't impressed with our current outfit. Help us show it off...all of it!

Tips for the model:

1. Twist your upper body. This isn't a mug shot, people. By twisting your waist ever so slightly so that your hip rests between your shoulders rather than being completely aligned with them, your picture will appear extra flattering. It's also a good idea to stick one leg out in front of the other. This gives off the illusion that your legs are super long and toned, even if you haven't been to the gym in weeks!

2. Tilt your head. We're not going for a full on ear-to-shoulder relationship here. However, it's always nice to make your chin look a bit extra prominent with a slight head-tilt. This will make your chin appear independent from your neck which makes you look super angular and chic.

3. Relax and be yourself! No matter how hot you look, you can't rock a pic with a stiff demeanor and forced-smile. Shake it all out for a hot sec before snapping the pic. You'll look much more comfortable, charming, and real.

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