10-year-old Giants fan saves his dad from taking a foul ball to the head

Cubs Fan Catches Foul Ball While Bottle-Feeding His Son


Fathers taking their kids to baseball games is a tradition almost as old as our country itself. Often, dads crack the news by grabbing a ball for their child, or even while holding said child.

But Sunday afternoon at A&T Park, one young Giants fan flipped the script. With two out in the bottom of the second inning, Angel Pagan tapped a bouncing foul ball straight back into the crowd with some speed on it -- headed right for 10-year-old John Pizzi's dad. That's when the young fan swooped into action.

While his dad was looking at God-knows-what, John stuck a glove out and snagged the foul ball, earning himself a souvenir and saving his dad from a concussion in the process.

"I stuck my glove out, caught it, while my dad wasn't looking," he said afterward. "He turns around, I show him the ball and he starts laughing."

Thankfully, the father and son walked away from the game A-OK and with a great story to tell forever.

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