This man's adorable dog saves his life on a daily basis

Mark "Brady" Lerille's chocolate labrador Chance is quite the four-legged bestie. He always has Lerille's back....literally. As Lerille is fatally allergic to peanuts, Chance stays by Lerille's side in order to sniff them out.

The 22-year-old, who studies at the University of Louisiana, adopted Chance four years ago to prevent Lerille from going into the severe allergic shock that he had experienced at least once a year up until then. Chance accompanies Lerille to classes, on dates, out with friends...everywhere! You could say they're pretty much attached at the hip.

Since adopting the dog, Lerille has not needed to receive any life-saving shots. He told Daily Mail:

"One day my mum said she read something about dogs that can find peanuts so I started doing some research."

Lerille was united with Chance at Southern Star Ranch in Florence, Texas. Sharon Sherry, the ranch owner, trains dogs to sniff out specific dangers such as peanuts. Chance is perfect for Lerille, who can't even be near peanuts.

Chance proudly sports a vest while working to indicate that he is on duty. He is trained to point his nose half an inch away from a dangerous object upon its discovery. While he has indeed developed a friendship with his owner, the dog is first and foremost a professional. Lerille said:

"He gets extra excited if he sees his working vest in my hand, he absolutely loves going to work. When he finds a peanut he gets so excited - his ears perk up and his eyes get really big."

While Chance may take his duties very seriously, that doesn't stop us from absolutely melting at the sight of him. He's basically the cutest little worker we've ever seen, especially when Lerille throws him a beloved toy or treat for doing his job well. Lerille said:

Lerille's story just goes to show that every situation, no matter how unfortunate, has a silver (or brown and furry) lining.

In case you need more persuasion, watch this video to see why dogs are a man's (and woman's!) best friend:

Reasons Why Dogs Are a Man's (and Woman's) Best Friend

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