America is passionately divided... over minions

America Is Passionately Divided...Over Minions

The long-awaited 'Despicable Me' spinoff premieres nationwide on July 10. But if you've gone anywhere this summer, you're no stranger to the little yellow guys from the film - they're everywhere.

Minions have completely swept the country, with minion-themed food, clothing, home-decor and tech. This week, they even stirred up controversy in McDonald's Happy Meals - many parents claim the new 'Minions' toys were cursing, saying 'WTF' to their children.

A lot of people think the yellow, pill-shaped characters are adorable and hilarious, and can't wait for the film's release. Even celebrities like David Beckham have shown their minion love recently.

But not everyone is so enthusiastic about minions, and there's even a reddit group MinionHate with over 16,000 subscribers! One minion hater passionately expressed her dislike:

"The fact that some of them have one eye and some of them have two makes me want to bash my head into a brick wall"

She's not alone, #stopminions is popular on Twitter, and it's almost become trendy to hate the incessant characters:

Nonetheless, 'Minions' is sure to be a summer hit, and is projected to earn $100 million in its opening weekend. Where do you stand on the divisive issue?

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