2-year-old girl goes swimming in unopened bucket of white paint

2-Year-Old Girl Goes Swimming in Unopened Bucket of Paint

(AURORA, Colo.) – A Colorado mother nursing her son got a big surprise this week while she was nursing her son.

Victoria Farmer of Aurora said she was nursing her son when it was "scary quiet."

She put down her son and went into the next room where she found 2-year-old Anistyn covered in white paint from her neck to her toes after she went into bucket that had been left open.

Farmer wrote about the experience on Facebook.

Now that it's been a few hours I can laugh, but at the time I was about to have a meltdown haha it took nearly two hours to clean. I was nursing Madox in the next room and realized it was scary quiet so I set him down and when I walked in she just stood there like a statue. It looks like she just climbed right in and went for a swim. Cleaning her was the easy part. Cleaning it off the fireplace before it set in was the scary part. Plus it's a discontinued paint on the fireplace and our house is going on the market in a week so the timing was pretty incredible.

Farmer said she submitted the photo to the "Ellen" show, and it has aired on several national shows. Farmer later posted on Facebook that she was doing a phone interview when Anistyn looked like she was going for Round 2.

Was just doing a phone interview on this crazy child and in true anistyn fashion, she rolls out her drawing paper. She must think I'm ready for round 2. I'm not so sure I could handle it haha

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