Why messy people are actually doing it right

Does Being Messy Make You More Creative?

The next time someone condemns you for not cleaning your room, making your bed, putting your shoes away or organizing your desk, just shrug it off. You probably know where everything is and you feel more fresh and free leaving it in its post-tornado-esque state.

While some people find messiness stifling, restricting, and overwhelming, others thrive on it. The latter group of people tend to be the more creative. They flourish in clutter. This is because, to them, cleaning up feels like being put in a box. Why does everything need to go in such a specific place and order? Why do we need labels? Why do we need shoes?

Okay, before we get carried away with our new-found hippy mentality, let's dial it back and explain. Tidy people thrive on putting everything in its rightful place. They can only relax knowing that the dishes are in the cupboard and the vacuum is in the closet. There's nothing wrong with this outlook, but it leaves little room for imagination.

To the creative types, keeping things spick and span feels like keeping life spick and span, and that's not our reality. Why should we rely on some false notion of order rather than accept the disorder that is humanity? Life is messy. Stop trying to fake it and start using it for something great.

Creative people utilize clutter and chaos. They latch onto that exciting thrill of danger and let it carry them away through their projects, travels, pursuits, and even conversations.

Or maybe this whole article is just a way of giving messy people a reason to keep their clothes on the floor. You'll never know.

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