Twerkouts are so the new workouts

Christina Milian Twerks Out for a Bigger Booty

Tired of your typical workout? Take a note from Christina Milian and try a twerkout! Anet Antosova has spearheaded the perfect way to take the millennial twerking fad to new heights. She's based in Europe but has become increasingly popular in the United States. Goodbye Zumba, hello twerkouts! Antosova is leading the twerkover and we could not be more into it.

The twerkout was designed for women don't want to feel like they're working out. These women have no patience for the treadmill and view strength-training machines at the gym as some sort of alien species. They love, however, to get their groove on at the club on a Saturday night.

Make it Tuesday night and this workout trend is perfect for them! Antosova combines African roots of twerking with a good old fashioned booty shake to bring this fitness fad to action. Throw in some hit tunes and we are all over it.

Antosova's twerkshops do more than tone target areas such as the highs, gluteus, back and abdominal muscles. It also teaches us some sexy moves to try out on the dance floor next weekend. It's the perfect evening entertainment for just about anyone. Join the party!

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