This is how HoloLens could teach the next generation of doctors

'How HoloLens Will Change Your World'

HoloLens is definitely an awesome tool for gaming and augmented reality, but its purpose could be far beyond that.

What is possibly the coolest of all the Microsoft product in fact can bring extra dimensions to the learning environment, and especially to medicine.

While we currently learn from bi-dimensional information (either books or screens), the best way to really understand certain disciplines is to tackle them from a three-dimensional approach.

Medicine for example is an area that requires hands-on experience in order to fully grasp the structures and functions of the human body.

At the moment, the only way to explore the 3D inside of a person at institutions that teach medicine is to use cadavers, but HoloLens could allow the students to interact with a body without the need for a physical one. Additionally, the AR set could simulate surgeries and operations without putting at risk a real patient.

This is how it could work:

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