Tennessee bank executive kidnapped, forced to rob place of employment

Tennessee Bank Executive Kidnapped, Forced To Rob Place Of Employment

The FBI is investigating a kidnapping involving a Knoxville, Tennessee bank executive whose captors forced him to rob his place of employment.

Two armed invaders entered the home of Tanner Harris, a SmartBank vice president, and his family on Tuesday morning.

Harris, his wife, and their infant son were held at gunpoint and forced into the family vehicle.

The kidnappers proceeded to drive them to his bank branch and held his family while he went in and took out the demanded money.

Upon returning to the car and handing the money over, he was left in the parking lot, and the gunmen drove off with his wife and child.

After a while the mother and son were left on an abandoned road, unharmed and in the car.

She soon went in search of help, driving until she saw a group of construction workers.

She used one of their cell phones to call 911.

The FBI has drawn similarities between the Harris incident and one that occurred months ago involving the family of a credit union CEO.
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