SPOILER ALERT: Major 'Pretty Little Liars' spoilers just leaked and our minds are blown

'Pretty Little Liars' Spoilers: Will Season 6 Have A Time Jump?

On Wednesday night a reportedly fed up former "Pretty Little Liars" (PLL) production assistant decided to ruin the A game for all loyal PLL fans.

The disgruntled Reddit user offered to answer any questions fans had. While we all love a little sneak peak, we were not expecting him to actually reveal who A is! This guy spilled some major spoilers. We're not sure how we feel about it because, on the one hand, it's agonizing trying to figure out the mystery of A and always coming up short. It's always satisfying to finally get some answers. On the other hand, we love the PLL team and don't want this guy ruining their fun! If he's telling the truth, he just ruined the finale for pretty much everyone.

WARNING: If you don't want to receive any spoilers, stop reading this post!

According to the Reddit culprit, A is Wren Kingston! Of course, we've all kept Wren in the back of our minds as a possible suspect for years now. However, we were finally letting go of that lead and starting to trust him. Now, WHAM, he's back on the radar! Poor Melissa Hastings just can't catch a break.

The Reddit whistleblower backed up his claim with these convincing "facts." He said that Wren Kingston is one year older than Jason and is really Charles DiLaurentis. He's not really British and didn't go to Oxford. Therefore, he's not really a doctor. After spending many years in Radley (where he later volunteered), Mrs. DiLaurentis faked his suicide and then joined the Radley board to keep it under wraps.

Spencer doesn't remember this, hence her creepy Maddie Ziegler dancing dream, but she spent a large part of her childhood in Radley as well. She therefore met Charles as a child.

Melissa agreed to work with Wren due to her guilt about burying Bethany Young alive. Wren hit Alison the night of he "kidnapping" because he thought she was Cece Drake, who he believed killed Bethany.

The Reddit user also announced that Wren will reveal himself as Charles to Alison on prom night. After the reveal, he will (SHOCKER) disappear again.

Finally, the Reddit user revealed that Sara will run away after she and Emily kiss, Alison's new boyf, Lorenzo, will die, and Alison and Emily will kiss at prom.

Mind. Blown. While we have mixed feelings about this ginormous spoiler, Marlene King is one very unhappy camper....or writer. She took to Instagram to knock down the Reddit user's spoilers, deeming them untrue.

However, she then posted an Instagram expressing her anger with the whistleblower, making us believe the spoiler could be accurate.

Either way, we're not giving up on PLL. We'll just have to finish out the season to find out if the Reddit whistleblower told the truth or if he's just another pretty little LIAR!

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