Serial stowaway back in court in Chicago — again

'Serial Stowaway' Marilyn Hartman Appears in Court

(Chicago, IL.) — A judge set bond Thursday at $100,000 for a woman who has become known as "serial stowaway" because of her history of repeatedly trying to sneak aboard airplanes.

During the court hearing for Marilyn Hartman, 63, Judge William Raines said he was perplexed, frustrated and at his wit's end. He said he and the defendant had agreed they would never see each other again.

Hartman was released from Cook County Jail one week ago, then arrested twice over the following days — first after causing a disturbance and being escorted off a plane at Midway Airport, and then again after she was detained by airport security at O'Hare.

In court, an Asst. Cook County State's Attorney said Hartman told passengers at Midway, "Do you know who I am? I'm a celebrity," then on board she started asking for a helmet, saying, "We're at war."

Last week, after her release from jail, Hartman promised she was done with this behavior.

Asst. Cook County State's Attorney Jennifer Holman told reporters that a residential treatment facility was identified for Hartman to go to on her own after she was released from jail, but she refused to go.

Hartman has repeatedly tried to board planes and enter restricted areas of airports since 2010.

Hartman is from Chicago and is on Social Security. She says she has no family and has lived in shelters for years.

The judge refused a request to put her on electronic monitoring. Her next court day is in two weeks.

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