Poll: Which fast food joint has the absolute best french fries?

Fast Food Fries Taste Test

National French Fry Day is just around the corner and we're on a mission. We want to know which fast food establishment currently holds the crown for the absolute best french fries. Apart from their taste-test, BuzzFeed has ranked Arby's the french fry king and E! Online agrees. BroBible has ranked Rally's/Checkers' Seasoned Fries as the best fried potatoes in all the land.

Esquire claims KFC's Potato Wedges win the great french fry debate without a doubt. Web-MD acknowleges Sonic Drive-In has the healthiest fries. While Thrillist & Eater, have ranked McDonald's the greatest of all time. We want to rank the french fries according to the most important factor involved in this entire dispute, YOU! Which are YOUR favorite fast food joint french fries at the moment?

Did we miss your favorite? Comment below! We'll take your votes and rank them accordingly. May the crisp, salty odds be ever in your favor.

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