Inspirational homeless boy uses McDonalds light to do homework

Nine-year-old Daniel Cabrera, a boy from the Philippines, is inspiring thousands with his insuppressible work ethic. He won't let anything, not even his own homelessness, keep him from getting his homework done.

When medical student Joyce Torrefranca spotted Cabrera using the light from a McDonald's restaurant to do his homework on the pavement in Manilla, she snapped a picture. Torrefranca posted the image to Facebook with the caption reading:

"I got inspired by a kid."

The image soon went viral, inspiring thousands not to take their educations for granted. Torrefranca told Rappler:

%shareLinks-quote="As a student, it gave me an inspiration to work harder. I'm fortunate my parents were able to send me to school. I seldom go to coffee shops to study, but this kid just hit me." type="quote" author="Joyce Torrefranca" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday=%

After a fire destroyed Cabrera's home and killed his father, he and his mother began begging strangers on the streets for food and money. Regardless of his circumstance, his education remains a priority for him.

One of Daniel's teachers, Rosalina Detuya, commented on Cabrera's dedication to his school work that is now inspiring thousands. She said:

"He is also intelligent and actually answers during class discussion, he really participates."

Cabrera teaches all of us a lesson that we don't need much to achieve our goals. Education is so valuable and can help us out of even the most difficult situations.

This video about celebrities who were once homeless proves that people can do anything they put their minds to:

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