Indulge your inner child at this summer camp for adults

If you were one of those kids who spent every summer at camp while growing up, you'll understand why Club Getaway, a luxury sleep-away camp for adults, is the most genius and excited invention since pretty much anything ever. If you were one of those kids who didn't get to go to summer camp and had to listen to your friends talk your ear off about their camp experiences all year long, you now get to see what the hype is all about!

Club Getaway is located in Kent, Connecticut. It's a private little oasis that enables stressed and busy adults to take a break from their daily lives and indulge in some good old fashioned summer fun.

When we were young kids, our favorite part about camp was the plethora of activities. We could go rock climbing, waterskiing or canoeing. We played tennis, took dance classes, and made friendship bracelets in Arts & Crafts. We also stuffed our faces with sloppy joes, became besties with the camp staff, and of course enjoyed the nervous butterflies in our stomachs every time the boys' camp across the lake joined us for an evening social.

Club Getaway is exactly what we loved about camp back then, just more grown up! Instead of evening socials, it has happy hours and a private nightclub. Instead of sloppy joes, it has steak and wine. Essentially, Club Getaway is by far the best way a grownup could ever spend the summer. Sign us up!

Watch this video for more awesome adult getaway suggestions:

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