Dog retirement homes provide extra love for senior dogs

Why This Woman Created an Animal Retirement Center for End of Life Care

INSIDE EDITION — In 2006, Sher Polvinale created House with a Heart - a senior pet sanctuary in her Gaithersburg, Maryland home. The hospice residents are dogs and cats who have lost their families because of their age and medical conditions. They often have little chance of ever being adopted. Once a dog moves in, it's there for the duration of its life.

Sher tells INSIDE EDITION that throughout the years there have been 70 dogs that have passed away at her home. They have many volunteers to help groom, play and take care of the dogs.

"Our vet bills are between 70 to 90 thousand-a-year, if something happens we don't go, 'Gee should we go to the vet?' We have volunteers that take them there," Sher told TJ Gioconda, who created a video about her non-profit.

For more information on the sanctuary and if you'd like to help donate to House with a Heart, click here.

Get the inside look at House with a Heart in the video below:

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