Decoded: werk

You better werk on your pop culture know-how if you're unsure of what the term "werk" stands for! Of course, keeping up with the latest trends is pretty tough so don't worry if you feel out of touch with "werking."

Werk is used to describe a person doing something to an exceedingly excellent degree. Often times, it's used in conjunction with dancing, modeling or any other performance that requires a large amount of attitude. Think of it as being similar to the word "fierce."

The term has recently gained popularity with the short phrase "you better werk," which hopes to encourage others to channel their inner Sasha Fierce. Yes, Beyonce does have a knack for werking!

"Werk" is used as a verb and is often characterized in all capital letters. For example:
"Kendall Jenner is WERKING it on the runway right now."
"Yasss Gaga, yasss, werk that ballad."
"You better werk it girl."

See how Twitter has been werking it lately:

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