Decoded: #RelationshipGoals

Chris Pratt's Reddit Tribute for His Wife, Anna Faris

Have you ever envied a celebrity couple because they just seemed like the ideal match (i.e., Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris or Barack and Michelle Obama )? If your answer was yes, then that moment could have been perfectly summed up by the simple hashtag #RelationshipGoals.

Relationship Goals refers to feeling envious over partners (usually famous ones) who have the sort of relationship that you hope to attain. This could be based off of certain actions, such as cooking you dinner, or other shared interests. #RelationshipGoals differ for everyone -- you could want someone who is compassionate, athletic, or even studious.

But at the end of the day, one aspect holds common ground: People are sure to make their #RelationshipGoals visible to their social media followers.

Case in point, these Twitter users:

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