Decoded: Bb

Merriam Websters Brings Internet Slang Into the Dictionary

The latest slang sweeping the Internet is much simpler than you may think. Don't worry -- "bb" isn't a hard-to-crack acronym.

The abbreviated term is just a simplified way to say "baby," but is specifically used among friends as a more endearing title. We're not quite sure how it got its start, but one thing is certain: it makes text message typing that much more succinct.

Bb can be used in place of a normal noun and often times, you'll find it in text messages or tweets.

For example:
"Hi bb, got your text message. Let's grab coffee!"
"Have you seen "Jurassic World" yet bb? IT'S SO GOOD!"
"Bb, let's have a girl's night out soon. Pleaseeeee?"

See how these users are tweeting to their bb's these days:

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