Dad braiding 101 classes are a real thing

Dads, as much as we love you, there's one skill you could learn a thing or two about: mastering your daughter's favorite hairstyles. Now, there's finally a class that teaches fathers how to style everything from the classic bun to sleek ponytails.

It's called: Dad Braiding 101

As reported by the New York Times, Cozy Friedman, the owner of Cozy's Cuts for Kids in Manhattan took it upon herself to teach some eager Dads. The 45-minute course is intended to teach basic hair skills, featuring hands-on demonstrations for brushing and, of course, braids.

As Friedman explains, "Dads want to learn. I hear it all the time. But you can see right away on the playground whose hair was done by her dad. We've really had to start with the basics here." Most of the fathers who attend the sessions are the ones responsible for getting their kids out the door in the morning, many of whom are single parents.

Good thing the course spills some insider secrets from the owner herself. For the absolute clueless of the bunch, she offers cheats like the acronym DAD (a handy tool for tackling tough tangles) which stands for Distract, Arrange and Detangle, to get the job done.

While currently only offered in New York City, we think the genius class will be making its way to other parts of the country very soon.

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