3D printed chocolate is the geekiest culinary dream

CocoJet Lets You Print in Delicious 3D Chocolate

This is a geek's dream come true.

After the sugar 3D printers ChefJet and ChefJet Pro were revealed last year, Hershey approached them and started making beautifully crafted 3D printed chocolate.

Since then, a variety of incredible creations has come to life from foodies all over the world that are experimenting with chocolate and technology.

Here are a few examples that will make you hungry:

3D Printed Chocolate
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3D printed chocolate is the geekiest culinary dream
Holy 3D printed chocolate balls! http://t.co/s0EktJsMJI #science #food http://t.co/AG8fLL7cuB
Why 3D Printed Chocolate Is Better Than Chocolate Molds http://t.co/qi5vy57Qi9 http://t.co/DS8CvtnIjo
mariya kawae creates #3Dprinted custom #chocolate facepops http://t.co/yZaxuN5mvG #foodart http://t.co/3jkaTscnIr
Prints chocolate? I'll be there! MT @esrelectronic: Day 2 @makerfaire_uk and today chocolate 3D printed rabbits. http://t.co/uc5P0MZdrb
Would you eat this #3DPrinted chocolate rose? #technology #mehrglobal #3DPrintedfood http://t.co/HI9eryGeXo
#3DfoodPrinting these chocolate dudes! Fun! #technology #mehrglobal #3DPrinted #fun #art #3DPrinting http://t.co/Q7L57hSQGc
3D printed chocolate?! What a wonderful time to be alive! http://t.co/DLPHxWuKDD http://t.co/HfxSZjCdCL
Right! #3DPrinted Chocolate Will Soon Be a Thing at Hershey Chocolate World! More: https://t.co/7cohtRtA24 http://t.co/SCJlVuJq9M
3D-printed chocolate http://t.co/Z0g4xDVOiL
3d printed sugar cubes dipped in chocolate. Mmmm. #CES2015 http://t.co/KN6rPyH9Kj
#Summer has officially begun, and that means picnics on the beach! Here's a #3Dprinted chocolate basket that might … http://t.co/QlPIcSFZ6m
Researchers Using 3D Printed Chocolate Treats to Encourage Physical Exercise http://t.co/XXr7K3uNMC http://t.co/MPsrxJIXDU

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