11-year-old boy fights back against bullies by reading their mean YouTube comments out loud

11-Year-Old Confronts Online Bullies
11-Year-Old Confronts Online Bullies

While the Internet can be a positive place, it has also proven to be a platform for unnecessary criticism, hatred, and ultimately, bullying. Eleven-year-old Logan Fairbanks is a victim of the awful bullying that commonly takes place on YouTube within the comments section.

After posting videos on YouTube, Logan received awful and hateful comments from random viewers. He asked his dad to tape a video of him reading the hateful YouTube comments out loud in hopes that it will spread the word to "encourage other people to not bully people online" and "encourage other people that have been bullied to not let words hurt them."

He goes on to read comments such as, "He looks like such a stupid fatso," and "His dad scared the gay right out of him." At age 11 -- or at any age, really -- this kind of hatred is completely unacceptable, but it didn't stop there.

Some YouTube users even went as far as to say "I hope that he dies" and "I hope he gets cancer."

This is not okay. Logan was brave enough to share these awful comments with the world, and hopefully the reality of his pain and the hatred that occurs online will stop people from being so awful to each other.

Logan deserves some love. Leave him some words of positivity in the comments below!
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