Why this man failed the dating game: "People say I look like James Franco"

Someone Live-Tweeted the Worst First Date of All Time

First dates are always nerve-wracking. We spend the hours leading up to the event making practice conversation in our heads in hopes of holding onto some shred of poise while conversing during the real deal.

Of course, many of us let the nerves get to us and end up sounding like babbling idiots anyway. And if we somehow manage to maintain a shred of dignity and charm throughout the conversation, we'll inevitably spill food on our carefully-chosen outfits or something embarrassing like that.

However, we can all rest assured that no matter how bad we are at dating, this guy is even worse. One lucky lady had the good fortune of eaves dropping on another not-so-lucky lady's first date. The man had no social skills whatsoever. He said all the wrong things. Thus, the eaves dropper (though we prefer to be called "people watchers") had the brilliant idea to live tweet the entire interaction.

There you have it, folks. An perfect guide for exactly how not to act on a first date. Don't act pretentious, don't be condescending, and definitely don't disrespect or belittle your date's work and interest.

While some people find the live tweets offensive, many people are empathizing with the poor woman who found herself trapped on such an uncomfortably unpleasant date.

When on a first date, be aware of how you're coming across. You don't want to get too deep when you're just getting to know someone. Also, make sure you use the word "you" as much or more as the word "I"! In other words, ask your date about herself. You'll might learn something fascinating and even get a second date.

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