Uber is starting to suggest where you should ask to be picked up

Uber will now suggest pickup points to its users, days after TechCrunch's Josh Constine asked the company to implement the feature.

Right now, if you order an Uber, you get to set where you want to be picked up on a map. That's useful, but it doesn't take safety or traffic into account, or whether there's actually room for an Uber car to wait for you.

Now, Uber is starting to recommend where you should ask to be picked up. Green circles have started appearing in the Uber app, indicating areas where it's safer and more convenient to request an Uber, TechCrunch reports.

Uber suggested pickup screenshotsPhoto Credit: TechCrunch

TechCrunch points out, however, that the suggested pickup feature doesn't yet consider where you're actually going. That means that it could suggest one side of the street, when in fact your Uber will need to turn around and head the other way.

It's interesting that Uber is now delivering improvements suggested by technology writers (although, to be fair, Uber probably didn't build this feature as a direct result of Constine's request). This could mean, however, that the company is open to suggestions from users.

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