Miracle dog named Lucky Penny survives train collision

Dog Hit by Train Makes Miraculous Recovery

(RICHMOND, Va.) — A dog is recovering in Richmond after getting hit by a train Monday.

Animal control workers were called to the railroad tracks at CSX, when a worker patrolling the tracks spotted the pup.

Her back leg and tail were severed, but officers said she was alert and wagging her little stump. Penny had surgery Tuesday at the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center in Richmond; the rest of her right leg and tail was removed.

Christie Chipps Peters, the Director of Richmond Animal Care and Control said it was remarkable that the insides of Lucky Penny were not damaged.

"We were like surely being hit by a train she's going to be obliterated inside, we did x-rays of everything and there are no other breaks," said Chipps Peters.

The dog had no tags. She has been named Penny after "Lucky Penny." Animal Control said the odds of most dogs surviving a hit like that are very rare.

It is believed that Penny survived such a hit because her wounds were cauterized during the impact, and the wheels hit just right.

CSX thanked Richmond Animal Control for "their swift response and coordination."

"We're happy to hear that Lucky Penny is doing well, and we're proud that our employees focus on safety and fast action in this and every situation," the spokesperson said.

"This is another great reminder of the importance of using caution around railroad property. We urge drivers and pedestrians to obey signals at railway crossings look both ways and always expect a train."

If you are interested in helping support Penny's vet care, a donation can be made to the nonprofit Richmond Animal Welfare Foundation.

If no one comes forward to prove Penny is their dog, she will be up for adoption beginning Sunday, July 12.

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Miracle dog named Lucky Penny survives train collision

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