Good Samaritans in Tennessee can now save dogs in hot cars

Vet Shows Us How Much Pets Suffer In Hot Cars

See something, do something.

That should be the new motto for the state of Tennessee. Part of the "Good Samaritan law," people now have the right to break into a car if they see a dog in danger. Clearly there are a few specifics, like you must search for the owner and notify law enforcement.

The idea behind the extension to the "Good Samaritan law," is to hopefully reduce and eliminate the amount of instances where dogs suffer heat stroke in cars on hot days.

Nashville Fire Department Chief of Staff Mike Franklin told Nashville ABC affiliate WKRN that "If you act reasonably, as any reasonable person would respond, you will not be at fault to save a life. You will not be at any fault to save a life and/or animals."

Even if you think leaving the windows down on a hot day will help with your dog in the car, The Humane Society advices against it. A car on an 85 degree day, with windows down, can reach 102 degrees within 10 minutes, and 120 degrees after 30 minutes.

Needless to say, if you know you are going to be out and about, don't take your dog. Leave him or her home in the air-conditioning, or, if the store allows, bring them in with you!

When in doubt, take your dogs for a swim on a hot day!

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Good Samaritans in Tennessee can now save dogs in hot cars

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