Friday fails: Pinterest edition

Pinterest might be single-handedly responsible for the creative revolution that has hit America. Who knows how many people would be left disappointed without an amazing Minions Halloween costume or a rustic-chic "'Pinterest-inspired" wedding.

However, there's one thing on Pinterest most can't seem to get right – cooking. A pinch of baking soda here, a dash of cinnamon there – easy enough, right? Fret not, you are most certainly not alone.

Here are 9 reasons why Pinterest is where culinary dreams go to die:

Bonus points for the presentation

Definitely a scorching mess

We would be "hangry" too after this failed attempt

Nailed it!

Hey, not everyone can fry vegetables
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I totally won this recipe. #pinterestfail

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We think you should buy your son's birthday cake too

It looks just like the picture!

A ruined Fourth of July

Did they already eat half the cake?
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