Friday fails: Pinterest edition

Pinterest might be single-handedly responsible for the creative revolution that has hit America. Who knows how many people would be left disappointed without an amazing Minions Halloween costume or a rustic-chic "'Pinterest-inspired" wedding.

However, there's one thing on Pinterest most can't seem to get right – cooking. A pinch of baking soda here, a dash of cinnamon there – easy enough, right? Fret not, you are most certainly not alone.

Here are 9 reasons why Pinterest is where culinary dreams go to die:

Bonus points for the presentation

Definitely a scorching mess

We would be "hangry" too after this failed attempt

Nailed it!

Hey, not everyone can fry vegetables

We think you should buy your son's birthday cake too

It looks just like the picture!

A ruined Fourth of July

Did they already eat half the cake?
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